The Story Behind the Stories

I used to be a journalist. I loved it, but God moved me elsewhere. I write less now, but in other ways, I write so much more.

On my last day as a reporter for a local newspaper, I visited the Clarksburg Mission and spoke with Director of Ministry Lou Ortenzio. He took me on a tour and showed me the intricate workings of the mission, which is so much more than anyone could ever guess.

Less than a week later, I started my new job in tourism. I got a Facebook message from Lou.

“The Mission does not have a communications, fundraising and development person. Would you consider?”

It was an answer to prayer. I said yes and thought all day long of ways I could help. That evening I spoke with Executive Director Chris Mullett about telling people’s stories. After that, he set up an interview for me with a man who used to work for a shelter and then came to live at the Mission. And it was as I suspected all along: necessary. This man’s existence, his life and his story are so necessary. This is how I believe God works, through people and through stories.

Every week I’ll interview someone who wants to share his or her story with me and with a digital audience. So prepare for more stories and people who have experienced love and hope in the midst of homelessness.



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